LIVE DEMO (Hindi)| GST ITC 04| Detailed guide about reporting by principal & the job worker in GST|

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Details of how to file GST ITC 04 (to be filed on quarterly basis). This form is to be field in case the principal sends goods to:
1. Another job worker
2. Receives goods from the job worker
3. Sells those goods directly from the place of jobworker.

Further, in this form you need to give details in case goods are moved from one job worker to another job worker.

In this form, you must specify the details of description of goods to be sent/receive from the job worker, its taxable value along with the respective tax amounts.


1. This video is for creating awareness about the newly introduced tax reform GST.

2. Here Tax without tears (TWT) team does not intend to advertise/solicit clients & doesn’t take responsibility for any decisions taken on the basis of this video.

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